How to Choose the Right Auckland Chiropractor

Before you choose a chiropractor, it’s important to understand their education, Choose Right Auckland Chiropractoroverall style, and preferred spinal manipulation technique. You also want to be familiar with their fees, payment plans and the way their clinic’s business is handled.

Costs and Processes for Auckland Chiropractic Clinics

Here are some important questions to ask when speaking to a chiropractor clinic in Auckland, concerning their procedures and fees.

What is the clinic’s policy regarding payment for services that were denied by the insurance company?

Several Auckland chiropractor’s offer discounts for patient’s whose services were denied by their insurer.

How much is the initial consultation?

Many chiropractors give new, and sometimes returning patients, a free consultation.

Auckland Best ChiropractorWhat is the fee for the initial examination? How much do you charge for a chiropractic adjustment?

The fees quoted by the clinic should be competitive with other chiropractors in
Auckland, and within the normal range of chiropractors in the general area.

What discounts do you offer to patients?

Many chiropractors have several discounts program, which may range from a family discount to a volume discount which is great for an employer or social group. There may also be discounts or a reduction of fees for cash payments made at the time of service.

Is there a guarantee offered for the services you provide?

Some chiropractors offer a satisfaction guarantee. For example, if you are not completely satisfied with your treatment, then the clinic will not charge you for a visit.

What is the average wait time for your office?Chiropractor to Help You in Spinal Manipulation

Like most medical practices, some chiropractors are prompt, and others have long waiting times. If the amount of time you have to wait will affect your level of satisfaction with the clinic, you should make sure you find a chiropractor that is a good fit.

Will the chiropractor put their recommended treatment plan in writing?

This approach is preferred by patients who want to have this information on hand in case they decide to do research on their own, instead of just accepting the recommendation.

Do you have any professional references?

Many Auckland chiropractors offer a list of health care professionals in the local area who they are associated with. These professionals may include physical therapists, medical doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, naturopaths, and other tradition and alternative health practitioners.

There are certain types of marketing approaches used by some chiropractors that you should watch out for. These techniques are used by unscrupulous practitioners who are trying to obtain new patients or want to convince a patient to sign up for long-term treatments. Here are some potential red flags to watch out for.

A Long-Term Contract Based on the Results of a Short Exam

Many chiropractors use free spinal exams as a marketing tactic. You may get a coupon to use at their office, or they may provide the exam at a shopping mall or health fair. There’s nothing wrong with the marketing approach. However, if the chiropractor tries to get people to sign up for a long-term treatment plan based on this short spinal exam, this is a problem. To get the correct information for a long-term treatment plan, a thorough clinical evaluation is needed. Also, there is no need to have a long-term contract. There’s no way to know how well a person will respond to an individual treatment. A chiropractor should re-examine a patient every 4 to 6 weeks to determine how well their treatment plan is working.
Watch this video for more information:

A Spinal Manipulation Based on Posture Alone

If a patient has poor posture, but there are no other complaints, a competent chiropractor will discuss several options including ergonomic modifications, exercise programs or stretches. They may recommend periodic evaluations to determine if the patient has benefited from these exercises. However, they would not automatically suggest spinal manipulation. Every patient needs to receive an individual evaluation. A chiropractor cannot make any promises until they have performed a clinical examination.

A Practitioner Asks For an Upfront Lump Sum

Beware of a chiropractor who wants you to pay a lump sum upfront for “extended chiropractic care” or “lifetime” services.” These offers are not in the patient’s best interests. They are only offered to benefit the chiropractor.